Saturday, April 30, 2011

Depression Cooking

While trying to avoid the royal wedding coverage yesterday, I found the most delightful channel on youtube.  There are quite a few video done called "Clara's Kitchen - Depression Cooking." They're done by a grandson wanting to remember how to cook the food his grandmom made for him, so he taped her cooking them. She's between 93-95 years old while he taped them.

There were a few I think I'd like to try. I'd heard of the peas and egg before and always wondered how the eggs were added.  Doh.  They're just cracked and added.  I may try it someday when I'm really craving peas. That will have to be when Max isn't around. At least he doesn't shudder anymore if he actually eats a green pea.

You can see Clara here:

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