Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lola's Beginning to Fall

Note for documentation. Lola was on the floor in the bathroom when I got up this morning. I didn't hear her fall, but as I was getting out of bed/the sofa, I heard a noise in the bathroom. I went to the closed door and asked if she was okay, and she said she couldn't get up. She was on the floor between the toilet and the sink. She wasn't hurting, just struggling to get up. She hadn't had the strength to get herself up. Between us, we managed to get her up.

She couldn't remember what had happened. She had all her clothes on in the right positions, so I can safely assume she hadn't just toppled off the toilet as she was sitting there.

Tonight I asked her if she had any sore spots or anything, and she said she didn't. I asked her if she'd just fallen asleep sitting on the toilet. I couldn't see how that happened, but it didn't seem like she'd taken a whalloping fall. She went into a dialog that she'd broken her arm, and it was held up, her movements indicating as in traction. Frankly, I sat there in disbelief listening to her ramble about this.

Ultimately, I don't know what happened. Fortunately, we have no broken arms or hips and no bad bruises of which I'm aware.

For ages I've been trying to get her to use the portable potty I placed next to her bed. She won't use it because she says she doesn't want me to have to clean it. It's not like I can make her use it. However, tonight I placed chairs in front of the small bathroom to keep her out of it. I told her to use either the laundry-room toilet, where there's a carpet and plenty of room around the toilet or to use the porta potty in her bedroom.

Trying to make a dent in her damaged brain, I told her if she continued to use the small bathroom and fall in it, she would have to go to a nursing home. Ultimate threat, but hopefully potent enough to impress her. Tomorrow I will go to the store and get a hook and eye and close the small bathroom. It's got too much hard porcelain on which to crack a bone and too little space to pick her up.

All of that discussion was enough to send her off to bed without saying goodnight, kiss my ass or anything to me. At the beginning of this, I used to say I was coming up here to Lala Land. That was nothing compared to the Lala Land it's become.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Bridges and Yurts

This post is going to be a wildly eclectic post as there's not been a lot going on with us in rainy, chilly, west Kentucky this mid winter.

Uh oh! Man alive, am I glad I'm not the captain of this ship!

This week this happened to a bridge to the east on the same highway on which we live. The bridge crosses Kentucky Lake at Aurora, Kentucky, which is a little teeny town that's turned into a tourist spot at one of the entrances into Land Between the Lakes. Needless to say, it's going to turn travel into a nightmare as other ways to cross the lake are miles away either to the north or to the south.

While web surfing, I came across this short vid of people putting up their yurt, or ger as it's called in Mongolia. It takes the hour-long process and condenses it down to 2 minutes and was absolutely fascinating to me.

Max was in this weekend, and we did absolutely nothing but enjoy our time together. It was just too messy outside to go there, and it was dreary enough to suck the energy right out of you. Max came across a "thing" on woot.com that is a combination blu-ray and internet device. He hooked it up to the TV, and we spent Friday and Saturday evening watching "Endgame" from hulu.com on the TV.

It was great fun even if the device did turn out not to be the most efficient device we've ever known. The download time was incredibly long, but watching the show together on a larger screen was great. "Endgame" is a fictional show about a Russian chess genius, Arkady Balagan, who saw his fiance assassinated in front of a hotel, causing him to become agoraphobic and unable to go outside of the hotel. Arkady becomes a "stay-at-home" detective solving crimes utilizing his amazing ability to visualize and solve puzzles, and a few fun characters to run his errands. You can click on the show title above to navigate to the show's homepage at hulu if you're interested.

In the Great Fake Wine Experiment, the grape wine seems to be nearing finish. On Saturday morning the balloon had fallen over, but by evening it was standing back up again. Yes, we giggled about that, too. Today it's falling over again. I'll let it sit for a bit more to make sure there's no more fermentation going on. Don't really want to risk exploding bottles from bottling it up too soon.

Lola is getting on with no improvement nor decline. She continues to wander a bit in the early morning. The other day she sat down in a chair by a magazine rack, pulled every one of them out of the rack, flipped through many, slung them all to either an end table or the floor, and went back to bed. She's maddeningly uncommunicative. It's like pulling teeth to get her to talk, and conversation of more than one sentence has become impossible. She's also continuing to stop the toilet up using massive amounts of adult wipes to clean up after a BM. Joy, joy.  Her appetite remains great; she'll eat nearly anything and all of what you put in front of her. Her mobility seems to be getting a bit shakier.

And dat's all for now, folks.