Monday, April 4, 2011

Eek - I'm Yellow

We're back to rain and grey again. We had a few lovely days of sun which I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, I enjoyed them so much I just sat enjoying them and didn't do some the things I wanted to while I could. Max bought himself a toy - a new camera.  He learned an important thing on the first pics he took - check the filters and make sure you have the right one. I forget the name, but the first pics he took had a filter that made everything, including me, yellow. At least my shirt, which is yellow, looks okay.

It's time now to plant some basil and lettuce. I've everything I need except the doing. My tomatoes have sprouted and are doing well. This year I finally managed to get some Mortgage Lifter seeds and have 4 little plants busily growing. I've heard such good things about that tomato, but recently I saw a comment that it's mealy. Rats. If it is, that'll knock it right out of my garden. Along with the Mortgage Lifter, I'm trying Italian Heritage, Reisentraub (a commercial plant), Brandywine, and Tommy Toe. I'm looking for a cherry tomato with a thin skin and can't remember what kind the Tommy Toe has. I remember them from my youth but nothing about their skin.

I made some mayonnaise with the range-free eggs. It tastes great. It looks, however, like mustard mayo. I had to laugh. The yolks on those eggs are so thick and dark they don't turn out cream-colored mayo. Heh, at least this pic goes along with the yellow one of me above.  Here's a pic of the eggs and the jar of mayo.

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