Sunday, April 3, 2011


Things are going smoothly here. I've been back with my parents for a couple of days now. I rushed like a mad woman in Memphis trying to get things done for my own household and self  - that was in between being a zombie trying to recuperate. Mostly I got things done for myself and a few bits for my parents; my own household rather stayed abandoned.

Since I've been back in Kentucky, my tomato plants have sprouted quite nicely. My dad has been rather quiet and my mother as usual. Tonight my dad stayed up until 10:30 p.m. watching the college basketball game. That's a record late night for him. He said Ky. lost by 1 point. I haven't checked, so don't know if that's right or not.

My mom and I have been caught up in watching the Decorah Eagles, This is a web cam on a nest of eagles in Decorah, Idaho.  At present there is one fledgling hatched and two eggs still unhatched.  I've been keeping my laptop on all the time so Mom can watch it when I'm elsewhere.

Live TV : Ustream

I'm stunned because 1. I showed it to Dad, and he shuffed it off, but he's traditionally been the one to be enthralled by this sort of stuff, and 2. because Mom has been totally taken in by it, and it's topped watching The Classic Movie Channel for her.

Today we watched one of the parents feeding the little fledgling.  They've a rabbit on the side of the nest, and the parent ripped into the rabbit and turned around and fed the little baby bits of the rabbit. Yep, it's gory, but that's nature.

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