Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Cups, Wasps and That Woman

This morning at 7:45 a.m., I awoke to voices. Mom was sitting in her chair in here in the living room, and she was asking Dad what on earth he was doing up that early. "Huh?" I thought, "What are you doing up this early?" 

Fortunately, Dad wondered the same thing and asked her. Well, seems she couldn't sleep and just got up. She tried to talk him into going back to bed, but he wouldn't. She went on back to hers as an example. That didn't work either. I just moaned and claimed my last hour of sleep.

When I took breakfast in for Dad, he was sitting in his chair without his teeth. He was playing deafer than normal, so I gave up talking to him and figured he'd go get them. Of course those scrambled eggs would be cold as stone by the time he got back, but, hey ho. When I checked back in a couple of minutes, he was still toothless and cutting his toast with his knife (which is a whole 'nother story.) So I went to get his teeth for him.

Just as I finished drying the teeth, Dad came in for them. I handed them to him but he put them back down on the counter and stood there looking around. When Dad is being deafer than normal, you just have to stand there and watch to see what happens. Finally he leaned over the toilet and spat a mouthful of scrambled eggs in it. He can swallow 7 pills at a time but not a bite of scrambled eggs. It left me shaking my head. So I left him to putting his teeth in.

Five minutes later, he'd still not returned, and I found him in the kitchen with 3 styrofoam cups in hand, wavering between going to the fridge or the sink. I told him he needed to go finish his breakfast, muttering in my mind, "Turn the damn hearing aids on." He kept going for the fridge door. So I motioned for him to follow me, led him to the door of the den, and showed him his breakfast with his glass of orange juice. When I took the styrofoam cups, he told me to put them in the kitchen because he needed them during the day for "people and things."

I wonder what on earth is stuck in his head for him to continually need three cups. I wonder if it is some weird thing that just is or if it's, say, what he did for our family of three. Maybe one day he'll be lucid enough to answer me when I ask him why three.

In the afternoon, in the kitchen, a large wasp got into the window.  Note to self, try to figure out where wasps are coming from. I waled away at it with the fly swatter and only kept knocking it into crevices. Dad came in and saw it; he turned to me and said, "We've a paralyzing situation here." All I could do was stand there in wonder at the turn his brain had taken. He knew we needed to stop the wasp. To stop the wasp, we needed to make it immobile. That meant paralyzing it.

Later in the evening we went to the sitter's house to gather eggs. She's on vacation, and we've volunteered to get the eggs. I love birds, so had a great time. Back off bitch your pecking ain't gonna scare me. Ow!!!  Dad seemed to like passing time this way.

A different brain turn was more daunting tonight.  I spent most of the night in the kitchen - why does fruit salad take so dang much time to make! Dad came in to say good night, and went on to Mom to finish up.  I heard him telling Mom about "that woman in the kitchen."

How long will it be before he never knows I'm his daughter?

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