Monday, May 2, 2011

Yeehaw! I'm home

Home Sweet Home. I reckon those 3 words will always be true.

Yesterday's drive home was nerve wracking - lightning, wind, blinding rain with hydroplaning, and worrying if the road ahead was going to be flooded.  Man, alive, the water is high. Fields and fields of lakes in new places all along the 150 mile trip. I wondered what the camel I saw at the Safari Farm along US 412 thought about his waterlogged grazing ground.

If it doesn't start absolutely pouring again, there's shopping I'm itching to do this afternoon. Right now it's morning coffee time. About ready to turn off CNN as I'm getting sick of jubilant crowing over killing Osama bin Laden. Alright already. The US killed him. It's amazing how 60 minutes can be filled with saying the same dang thing every different way a human mind can think.

To Kim:  blog something!
To Cherizac: better yet?

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