Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch Up

This will be a catch-up post. Things have gone fairly smoothly this week. Both parents have seemed a little less competent this last week.  Dad is beginning to ask me to check the house after he goes to bed. A couple of times he's wanted me to follow him around as he's locked up. I have no clue what purpose my tag along served.

Mother has been batty in the mornings a lot. For some reason she's getting up and wandering around the house.  I've learned to just ignore her. She goes back to bed. Won't talk a bit. She's begun to play with the flashlights, shining them around. I've asked her if that's her way of signalling me or if she's just being silly, and she said being silly.

Speaking of not talking, she's been especially quiet lately. It's as if she can't remember to open her mouth and talk. If her teeth need new fixative, even though she's sitting no more than 3 feet from me, she just grunts and gestures with teeth in hand rather than speaking up and saying, "Gayle, would you mind fixing my teeth?"

Dad's getting worse and worse about wanting two suppers. I think sometimes a snack would do, but he can't remember snacks, so asks for supper. He also has become bad about setting a soda out of the fridge and forgetting about it.  There's no clue as to what distracts him away from it, but then he'll walk off and leave it sitting on the table.

He's also sleeping much later more frequently.  Thank you, Doc, for the Seroquel. The only problem with that is that it wreaks havoc with the meal schedule.

That's all I can think of right now.  I may document more if I remember it.  I'm heading for Memphis today (Sunday) and will return Wednesday.

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