Friday, March 11, 2011

WoW - Robby Flay and Bario Matali

My name is Jola Gayle, and I play Wow.

Okay, so I don't play obsessively, um, anymore. I still play. Mostly now, especially since being at the parents' without highspeed intenet connection, I log on a few toons and do a couple of dailies and log off.  The couple of dailies I do are the cooking and fishing dailies in Stormwind. I'm an Ally. Just can't go the Horde route. Sorry, Josh. And Nancy. And Jeff. And Granny.

Anyway, the cooking daily Blizz has in Stormwind just cracks me up. Standing side by side are Robby Flay and Bario Matali.  Robby Flay is Head Chef and gives the daily quest. Bario Matali is Sous Chef and a vendor. I just had to take take a couple of pics of my little level 34 pink-haired gnome in ponytails by them.

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