Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eclectic Wednesday

While Uncle Charles was over this morning, he helped me get the smoker from my car's back seat to the back patio.  We had to cut the box to get it out.  Whew, it's a big heavy thing. I've read the directions and hope to get most of it together tomorrow.

I planned on doing it today, but it was so dreary, misty and cold.  It was in the fifties, but still it felt freezing outside, and I'm one of those who hates heat.  At least I got the directions read. Still a bit hesitant, but hey ho, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Today I drove over to the local cable place, 17 miles away, and gave them the last of the paperwork to get the cable changed to have high-speed internet and also to change the phone over. Again, there is the blessing/curse of small towns. When I went in there were no lines. The gal at the reception desk handled everything. Her people are from where my people are from - instant bond. Last names exchanged and known. Headquarters - Pennsylvania - had wanted a copy of the last phone bill to change the phone and a copy of the Power of Attorney certifying I could change the service.

Reception gal copies phone document, notes she's seen the POA and doesn't need a copy, she'll note it in the digital file. Says everything is ready. Says she'll note that service people should talk to daughter and that customers have already been noted as elderly.

Somehow I don't think any of this would be so bleeding easy in Memphis.  It seems that everything that used to drive me screaming from this small town 30 years ago is being so appreciated now.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing how life changes as you get older. I'm glad it went easier than you expected.

Today was gorgeous here; almost too hot already in March. In a month I'll be wilting completely from the heat; Ojai is in a valley and gets really hot in the daytime and really cold at night. It is beautiful here though.

Good luck with the smoker; I've never used one, and am not likely to now that meat is not usually on the menu. Though I do still eat fish....