Saturday, March 12, 2011


This morning Dad had a sneezing fit and a follow-up of hiccups.  Ow.

Today has been pleasant both inside and outside of the house. It's nice and sunny. Maybe yesterday we were all just a bit cranky from the continual gloom. Dad has even joked a bit.  That's different to me because I have no memories of him joking until the last year.

I went to the stores and got supplies. Dad helped me bring it in. I cooked smoked pork chop for supper and both he and Mom ate most of their meals. I bought another flashlight. Do you reckon we all have one now?

Once when I walked into the den today, the cat was laying on his desk, and he was petting the cat saying, "Good little doggie, pretty doggie." Frankly, I couldn't tell if he was joking or got his nouns mixed up.  He frequently calls the cat "she" when it's a "he." Lots of folks have that problem, though.

Dad sat down beside me on the couch tonight to talk about the lights in the den. He wanted to let me know that the den is a room that no one uses once he goes to bed. Since I've been coming here, he always left a light on in the garage and in the den. Tonight he told me that was wasteful. I let him know I'd been turning things off after he went to bed for the last month.  He asked me why I didn't say something to him, and I told him he'd done it for so long I didn't want to upset him. He laughed and decided we'd just turn it all off.

That's the first time since I've been coming here that he has been willing to negotiate and talk about something. I think it took this last month of me turning things off for it to sink in. It was so nice to come to an agreement without a hassle.

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