Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Eclectic

I boiled a corned beef the other day. I've always oven cooked them, but saw directions for stove-top cooking and thought I'd try it. My opinion is that I'll oven cook from now on. There's something about the color of boiled meat that doesn't please the eye.

I put the broth in a crockpot with handful of varied beans. That cooked overnight.  I decided that varied beans cooked 12 hours aren't that good. The large butter beans cooked to nothing and left their shells floating around. Additionally, the corned beef broth didn't enhance the beans. Ah, well, a bit of broth and 50 cents worth of beans are no big loss.

The smoker is still sitting outside not put together. It's been so gloomy, misty and chilly, I've simply not had the gusto to do it. We did have one day of sunshine. I'm reaching that point at the end of winter when I really want spring and sunshine.  Our buttercups are blooming.  In Memphis the redbuds are blooming, and Max said the Bradford Pears are beginning to drop their blooms already.

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