Friday, March 25, 2011

We got eggs. Free-range eggs. We drove up the road to the sitter's house and picked them up for a bit of trip today. Here's a pic of Dad holding the eggs.

As the day progresses, I think of things I want to blog and never get them written down. Our house just got wireless high-speed internet today! Hoorah! Now I can get a post started and add to it during the day.

Dad seems to be getting foggier and more childish and staying that way for longer periods of time. It used to be moments or short periods of time. Now it's more unusual for him to be high functioning than not. Yesterday he stayed in his pajamas until nearly noon, and he's never done that since I've been coming here. 

When he did decide to dress, I was in the bathroom dressing myself. I had my hands on the hem of my sleeping shirt getting ready to swoop it up over my head when I heard a knock and in he comes. "Hello," he says, "I just need to...." I just sighed and walked out. It took him about 20 minutes to comb his hair and put his teeth in.

Late in the evening he came into the kitchen talking about that thing out there quit cooking. He was confused about the smoking that I had done the day before. He thought I was still cooking and that the smoker went off. For the most I'm much better about not looking at him like he's nuts, but just easily saying things like, "Oh, no, that was yesterday."

Mother got up by herself at 9:30 a.m. this morning. She came cripping into the living room saying, "What on earth is going on around here?"  She does this a lot in the morning now. I was sitting on the sofa with my laptop, and the TV was on. Seems anything she hears in the morning is a strange noise, and she thinks something is happening. From her demeanor, she thinks whatever it is is bad or unusual.

I fixed sloppy joes for them for supper. A half bun each topped with mix, a handful of fritos and fruit salad. I hated doing it, but I ordered Mom to eat her meat. I boiled the hamburger like for taco meat, so it was as fine as could be. I told her if she couldn't eat that, I'd just start blending her meat like baby food. She giggled and ate it.

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