Friday, March 25, 2011

Eggs and Rain Go Away

We have a source for free-range eggs. Yay! Turns out it was at my fingertips, and I didn't even know. One of our sitters has chickens. Now I have the kind of eggs I want for my own households.

Rain. Rain. Rain.  I'm getting sick of the grey sky. Blech. Usually I feel stir crazy in February. This year it's been March. We've been getting maybe 1 day out of 5 with a little bit of sunshine. Two days ago, it was 70, sunny and beautiful. It lasted 12 hours. Yesterday and today it's 40 and rainy.

In the kitchen, I've got a string with a bunch of grapes on it hanging from the cabinet. I'm going to see if I can turn them into raisins. Some of the  people on my spinning list were talking about making their own raisins and how much better they were than industrially made raisins. Doh! I never even thought of making raisins.

I googled and was stunned at how easy it is. Don't know why other than a serious brain fart. We had grapes last week, and not all were eaten. When I returned they were all wrinkly in the bowl, but they weren't rotting. Mmm, says I. So I ran a thread through the bunch and hung them up.  Since it's not summer or hot or dry, success isn't guaranteed.  We'll see what happens.

Pondering home designs, I love one thing my dad has done. He took one whole bedroom and turned it into a bathroom, dressing room and laundry room. Although I wish I had a bedroom, I absolutely love the large multipurpose room. There are two doors in it, so when dressing one is always a bit paranoid - different door knobs would solve that problem. But there's plenty of room to shake out pants, fold sheets and do laundry stuff. There's room for a rack to hang clothes on after taking them out of the dryer. There's room to set up an ironing board if one gets a wild hair and actually wants to iron something. There's plenty of room to dry off after a shower without banging into a wall, cracking a knee on the toilet, or hitting one's head on the sink if you drop the towel.

He put a nice long vanity/cabinet along one wall with the sink in it. There's a huge mirror over it with lights on either side. It's fantastic for fixing your hair and doing makeup. Whenever Max & I get our own place again, I want one of these.

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