Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy Birds

There is a bird that flies into a bush next to Mom's window. He sits up high in the bush and then he - swoop - flies into the window. He slides down the window and flips back into the bush. Again and again and again. This crazy bird has done this for hours at a time. He did it last year, and he's starting it up this year. I have no clue.  OCD Bird? Mentally-challenged bird?

Mom actually got up on her own today about 11:00 a.m. It's been a nice slow day. Dad overfilled the cat bowl, but he's been in a good mood. When he got ready to go to bed, he put his sweat pants on, a t-shirt, and his hoodie. He came into the living room tonight giggling with his hoodie all tied around his face. Oh, well.

Mom is munching on her Chex mix, picking out all the nuts. I guess it's something to do different from staring at the TV. We're watching Iron Chef America, and I'm calling it a night on the blogging.

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