Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To My Relatives

This is where I am journaling taking care of Joe and Lola until their deaths. I welcome you here if you want to follow along and stay aware of their condition.  At the top is a link to only the posts about caring for them; it's labeled "Caring for Elderly Parents." If you click on that, the only posts that will be on that page are ones that specifically relate to Joe and Lola.

I'm putting other things on this blog to help me keep track of time and things important to me. I've found it incredibly helpful. I can keep a record of fiber things I want to remember, recipes I'm trying and the results, projects I'm working on and the results, and events of the times because I need a record to remember things.

You're quite welcome to read those other things if you're inclined. I'm wordy, and most of the posts will likely bore you to tears. My opinions may differ from yours. So if you find yourself being bored to death or irritated, please just click on the tab for elderly parents and ignore the other stuff.

If you read all of the archived posts, you will read one in which I consider not blogging about my parents. I had some conversations with family and friends and decided to continue. A friend sent me to the blog of her friend's journal of caring for her mother, and I found some incredibly good advice along with new knowledge. Max likes to know what's going on and how I'm doing up here in Kentucky.

I don't expect my blog to ever be famous or collect a huge following; it's not geared that way. There are a few friends I've had for years that pop in now and then to read. I'm letting you, the family, know of it. If a few strangers somehow stumble by and find something that helps them, I'll be glad to have helped.

If you know of or think of things you think will help, please let me know. It's not like I have training in caring for the elderly. As I said in one post, I was too young when Papa died to know much, and I was in the Air Force when Ninny died. You can email me or put something in a comment on the blog.


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