Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update on Joe II

Joe is about the same as the last few days. I visited him about 3:30 this afternoon. Sadly, he was back in restraints. He'd woken up last night and stayed awake most of the night giving the floor staff hell trying to get out of the bed. When I visited he wasn't the most lively thing going, but he was awake. He hadn't eaten much, and I took in a fish meal to try to entice him. He ate a bite and didn't want much more than that.

I did talk them into lengthening the restraint on his right arm so he could at least reach his water glass. While I was there, they unhooked it without removing it, and he was almost didn't even realize he could move that arm. I understand the need to restrain him from getting up and yanking out an IV, but I swear they could put it on his right arm long enough to allow him to drink, reach a tissue, etc., without the ability to unhook the other arm, and he'd be okay. I'd be miserable if I were sitting there with a parched mouth, a glass of water in front of me, and I couldn't reach it.  Especially if that was all the sense I had - enough to see the water but not enough to call the nurse to tell her I needed a drink.

I'm worried about his eating because I know he won't eat what they're trying to feed him. First, they won't allow him any salt. Second, anyone who's followed the blog knows he won't eat anything healthy anymore. So they're going to starve him trying to feed him healthy food he won't eat. He's 90 for crying out loud - give him all the salt he wants and chicken nuggets, burgers and pizza.

It's just 10:30 p.m., and I am absolutely whupped again tonight. I'm not used to being this sleepy at this time of night. Lola will still want to be up until midnight. Right before Joe went whacko, I had bought a bunch of cheese to can. It was going hard around the edges, so I canned it up tonight before I lost it. It took a bit of time, but I couldn't stand to lose it. So shoot me; I probably should have just thrown it away, but it cost $13.00. Waaahhhh.

Tomorrow Aunt Agnes is going to sit for me so I can try to find a dress and shoes to wear for Josh's wedding next weekend. Could Joe have gone whacko at a worse time? Of course not.

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