Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Falling in the Night

Well, I'm worn out today. Joe fell in his bedroom about 3 a.m. last night. I'd been asleep for a bit and didn't hear him. Gah. Fortunately my mother did. I heard her going out to the den for who knows what reason. When I asked her where she was going, she told me to get help for Joe who'd fallen. Well, for as much as I heard him fall, I guess I am next to the nobody she apparently thinks I am since she totally ignored me to go who knows where for help.

He was laying on the floor between his bed, dresser and desk. Again, he hadn't broken a bone, thank you, thank you. He had hit the top of his head on something going down and scraped his scalp. He couldn't get up, nor could I get him up. So I ended up calling the next door neighbor at 3 in the morning.

Larry was sleep stunned when he came in the house about 2 minutes later, but I was never so glad to see someone. Of course, Joe was arguing as Larry got him up. We got Joe back in bed, and Larry went on back home.

It's very plain that I can no longer care for Joe. He will not quit going, and he is beginning to fall frequently. I cannot get him up when he falls. Jill says her husband's mother had fallen and broken both of her arms - both were in slings - and she still wouldn't quit trying to get up and go. I can see Joe being the same way.

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