Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on Joe 9/19/2011

The visit today was a pleasant surprise. He was sitting up in a chair and unrestrained. He was asleep when I arrived and was fairly quiet even when he came awake. They changed his BP meds around which seems to be working so far, and his face wasn't flushed for the first time in days. He's still on a catheter, but they were talking about removing it in the near future. He keeps asking to go the bathroom for other reasons but so far has just had gas. Since uncontrolled bowels was such a problem here at the house, that's a bit of a surprise. Being in the hospital does yank the system around, though.

Lola still hasn't asked to go visit him. She has never spoken to me about him. I tell her when I get home how he's doing, and she's interested at that time. All other times, she's content to watch the TV and doesn't seem to question or worry. This whole event hasn't even set off the shakes from her Parkinson's Disease. I had to give her an extra 1/2 pill the day we took him to the hospital. After that, it's required no modification at all.

Aunt Agnes sat with Mom today long enough for me to go shopping for a dress to wear for Josh's wedding on the 30th. I wasn't frantic about it yet, but was beginning to fret a bit. Other than that, we're going with the flow and waiting to see what happens. I keep getting surprised at how tired I'm ending up being by the end of the day. I can barely sit up until Lola finally gives it up at midnight. I can barely drag myself out of the bed in the morning. I don't have a brain to speak of until after noon.

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