Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lola Can Be Funny

My mom can be so enjoyable sometimes. Friday night when I was tucking her in bed, I kissed her on the forehead. I told her she had to clean her face because she tasted like a salt lick. That got her so tickled. It's always nice when she gets pure enjoyment out of something.

It's sad to watch some of the things they do. Some of the actions may be inevitable as an offshoot of me trying to stop them from doing dangerous things - walking so unstable with knives, Dad eating too much ice cream, Mom putting half a tube of denture glue on her dentures, taking Dad's medicine in addition to her own, etc. Dad just came through the living room with a banana in his hand, stopped and walked over to me to show me the banana. It was as if he were running it by me for an okay. He sure knows how to sneak through when he's got an ice cream bar in his hand, though. He tries to keep it by his side and hide it with his body.

Yesterday, after days of asking him to bathe, I finally wrote it on the whiteboard, "Please wash your hair. It smells." I laid it on his desk beside him. When I walked through to go to the store, I noticed he had turned the whiteboard over. To my delight, when I got back from the store, he had showered and washed his hair. He held his head over and asked me, "Is that okay?" Sigh. It was wonderful. I did have to go turn the shower off, which was still running, however, and I was extremely glad he hadn't fallen in there while I was gone.

Joe's again taken to going outside to the garbage bin and dumping off his plate what he doesn't eat. I just hate it when he does this. It makes it impossible for me to monitor his food intake, to know what not to feed him, and it makes the bin nasty and get maggots. Yuck. He's also taken to putting food on the floor for the cat. He'd stopped that for a while, but he's back at it again. Saturday I walked in to see the cat merrily scarfing up a meatball, grinding hamburger into carpet with glee. Grrrr.

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