Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update on Joe 9/27/2011

Joe has been moved to Room 1002 at Parkview Nursing Home in Paducah. He's giving the nurses hell and being a general pain in the butt to them. They had to put an ankle bracelet on him today because he tried to escape. He apparently argued with the man in his other room so they moved him, but that may be hearsay according to a nurse's assistant today who passed on a bit of gossip.

He still has his nights and days turned around. I had a meeting with the staff today, and couldn't visit him because he was asleep.

The floor nurse told me today that he did have a urinary tract infection while he was in the hospital. The hospital didn't tell me that; they speculated he had a swollen prostate, which could cause the incontinence. The nurse told me the prostate problem could have cause the urinary tract infection. The importance of the infection is that apparently it can trigger the cascade that Joe went through, turning him totally incompetent in a few days' time.

Tomorrow I'm leaving Arlington to go to Memphis. We have one day to get tags for my car, which expired in, huhum, July. Then we go to Frankfort KY for my son, Josh's wedding. I plan to turn brainless once I'm in Memphis. I will let Max point me in the direction to go and go there. He better not lead me down the primrose path.

If anyone in the area can visit Joe, it would make me feel better about leaving him alone without a visit from family in the days I'll be gone. I didn't visit on Saturday or Sunday because I wanted to give him time to acclimate, and, frankly, I needed a break. Since he was asleep today, he'll think no one has ever visited him.


Jess said...

I know how difficult this is but you truly cannot take care of your parents safely anymore. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Jola Gayle said...

Jess, Thanks for your care and your comments. I appreciate you and them.