Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Frankfort for the Wedding

Tonight I'm sitting in a hotel in Frankfort, Ky., the Capitol Plaza, for Josh's wedding tomorrow. The hotel is a block from the wedding site and has turned out to be a very nice hotel. It's modern, light, airy, well-furnished, with largish standard rooms, which are clean, at least on the surface.

On the trip up, we left Memphis and traveled to Nashville, then caught I65 north. It was a road I've never traveled before, so it was at least interesting for that. We passed the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. It has a vaguely disturbing modern sculpture outside which consists of a huge, as in 2-3 stories high, bee/sunflower yellow cone with its top cut off on a slant and topped by a bright red spike. Since I'm unsure of copyright issues, if'n you're interested you can see a pic by clicking here.

On the way here, we passed three things I wanted to remember. I've listed the Corvette Museum, and have totally lost the other two things. A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

We played find a Taco Bell for lunch. Not having had a taco for ages, I've been dreaming of them for the last week so I declared at the beginning of the trip I wanted to stop at Taco Bell for lunch. Amazingly, Max managed to drive through Nashville without getting off for a Taco stop. As we passed the last exit, he said, well, there was a Taco Bell. He didn't believe me when I said we'd have to travel into Kentucky before we passed another one. Ain't it grand sometimes knowing what you're talking about?

He kept believing any exit that had a Mickey D's and Wendy's would also have a Taco Bell. Wrongo. We did discover that Taco Bell really doesn't advertise on the Interstate food signs like the other fast food places. Missed marketing opportunity there, Taco Bell.  He kept pulling off at exits sure he'd find one. We did finally, in Bowling Green.

Sadly, after craving for weeks, I discovered that Taco Bell changed their meat recipe after the recent bruhaha over their ingredients, and to my probable shame, the new recipe just tasted off. I find I really liked the dubious meat in the original recipe. Grade D? Mebbe. Mostly not meat? Mebbe. It still tasted better.

And on a final Taco Bell rant, what is WITH putting all the sour cream on one end of the taco?  Are their workers so physically challenged or mentally that they can't lay a stream of even sour cream across a taco shell? No one wants to bite into a mouthful of only sour cream.

We arrived in Frankfort and got checked in by about 5:15 p.m. Called Josh to let him know we were here  and were informed they changed the rehearsal time from 6:30 to 6:00. Gah. No time to unwind. Rush to change travel clothes and put on make up.  Fortunately, the wedding location is just a bit over a block down the road from the hotel. It's a delightful historic setting with a beautiful old house surrounded by a large lawn and gardens.

The rehearsal was fun and hopefully ironed out any problems with a smooth ceremony happening tomorrow. After the rehearsal, they were yanked around a bit by the restaurant hosting the dinner not having their reserved room cleared until 8:30 p.m. Like the kids needed more stress added to their plans. The food was Italian and pretty good. The company was fantastic, and all was well in the end.

So now I'm back in my hotel room with my bra off, getting my nicotine levels back to normal and enjoying a nice gin with a coke chaser.

We're all keeping our fingers crossed it doesn't rain tomorrow.

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