Thursday, August 4, 2011

August in Arlington

I just spent a lovely couple of days at home with my husband. Well, they were lovely because I was home. If the temperature hadn't been 106 degrees yesterday, they likely would have been lovelier. I had some vague plans to do some shopping for spices and things I have trouble finding here, picking up some shorts, and stuff like that. It was so hot I barely left the house.

On Monday before I left, Uncle Charles brought by a sack of cukes and squash. So I stopped by Kroger that evening to pick up some spices. I'd wanted to go to a tienda as they sell them in larger quantities and for less money, but Kroger is just a block from the house.  While there, I caught a bunch of pork on sale. So while home, I tweaked the dill pickle recipe, canned dill slices and made pork taco meat. I'll get that canned tomorrow.

The first night back, Max took me to Thai Bistro, my favorite Thai restaurant. I had Panang Curry, which still has my mouth watering. I was a bit disappointed over a menu change. Since the last time we were there, they've stopped serving a small bowl of soup with the meal. That soup they served had the most delicate delicious broth I've ever had. It used galangal and lemon grass, which I have a bit of, but really don't know how to use. That particular soup wasn't on the menu anymore. Pout. Max got a wonton soup, and that broth was just about as good.

On getting back, I've set up the computer. Tonight my internet connection is about as fast as molasses. Wonder if that has anything to do with the ridiculous temperatures and the entire midwest likely being inside and half of them on the computer?

01/21/16: Edited to add that galangal is frequently called a mild ginger. That may let you know the taste of  that ingredient.

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