Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank You Uncle Charles

My Daddy's brother, Charles, has been a blessing beyond belief this summer. He has visited my Dad, putzed with things worrying my Dad, fixed lawn mowers, recharged batteries, mowed yards, and delivered garden produce beyond belief.  I cannot thank him enough.

Tonight I finished canning 10 pints of squash that he left with us this morning. There's a slew of cucumbers curing in lime tonight to be put as lime pickles tomorrow. This batch will be solely for Uncle Charles.

He also left us a bag of tomatoes today, and Joe will be happy because he has tomatoes. I was worried about tomatoes this season as one of our sitters' mother-in-law has reported that hers are not doing well at all. She's having a problem with them rotting before they ripen.

In another bag were a few peppers and a handful of okra. Lola and I will enjoy a serving of okra for dinner with supper on Tuesday.


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