Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dentures and Mowing

On Sunday Lola went  to the bathroom at least twice an hour all day. I'm pushing her drinking, but she resists that. I'm keeping an eye on whether or not she might have an infection or if it's just the dropped bladder. Neither of us have ever been prone to urinary tract or bladder infections; I don't really think it's an infection. I don't recall ever having one, nor her having one.

On Monday I forgot to bring her a spoon for her breakfast cereal. After getting bushwhacked by Joe to start the mower and going into the basement to clean a shelf, I came back by Mom. She and her bowl of cereal were just sitting there. She doesn't have enough mind left to get up and get herself a spoon from the kitchen. At suppertime, I brought her meal and sat it on her tray. About 5 minutes later, I walked by and realized she hadn't started eating. I said, "Mother, eat your supper." She shook her head at herself, picked up her fork and started eating.

 Joe has been happily mowing the yard Monday and today. Monday morning, Uncle Charles came by and helped Dad bag up a bunch of grass clippings. Dad had raked and raked them (the results of letting the back go for so long) into little piles, then spent Sunday marrying the piles. Thank you Uncle Charles for all that you do.

At one time, Dad would have gotten his golf cart, attached his big wagon/little trailer to it and taken care of this in no time flat. Now I don't dare let him do things the easy way because I can't let him drive the cart. If I, myself, or Uncle Charles were to drive the cart, then I'd have to go round and round with Joe on a daily basis over the golf cart. Just saying the key is lost for so long has mostly ended that. Joe can't be allowed to run the golf cart anymore. His driving skill is so poor he was running into trees, buildings and porches, and I was scared he was going to tip over on some slope. At one point, he was driving it with one roof support broken and flapping around and was totally oblivious to it.

This morning I wanted to see if Mother would ask for a meal. Finally at 2:30, I couldn't stand it anymore and got her lunch. I wonder if she's not feeling hunger or what. I wonder how long she would have gone before either asking me for something or thinking of getting up and getting something.

I don't dare fix her dentures before I bring the meal, because she'll suck the glue out before I can bring the meal. Today, I brought the meal, got her bottom denture and fixed that. I went to the kitchen to get her a straw, and when I came back, she'd tugged the top denture out, so I had to take that to the bathroom and brush it. When I came back, she'd taken the bottom denture out and was wiping off all the fresh glue I'd just put on it. Oy, vey.

Actually, I wonder if something major has recently broken in her brain.

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