Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something for Aunt Agnes and Canning

I've run across a product that may be of interest to my Aunt Agnes. I don't know for sure if she cans things like this, but I wanted to post the link here just in case she's interested. It's a product called Clear Jel which is for thickening things to be canned.

It's recommended not to home can things that have flour in them because of issues with density, thus food poisoning, and separation - the foods end up separating and being icky when you try to use them down the road. I've recently learned of a product called Clear Jel, which is a modified food starch, I think corn, that's becoming available to the home canner that is supposed to solve this problem.

So just in case Aunt Agnes wants to can some Sweet and Sour Sauce or other things, I thought I'd post this link from imstillworking on youtube.com.

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