Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Tomatoes, Pickled - Batch 2

Yesterday I canned 13 jars of pickled green tomatoes. I had high hopes for these, but I don't know about them now. First off, they started getting ripe before I had all the ingredients. I bought garlic for them, but when I opened the box, the garlic bulbs were bad. It must have been very old.

I couldn't say much about the garlic, though, or take it back. It was after hours any way, and while I was at the grocery store in the first place, the owner gave me a huge box of plums about a third full. So I'm going to go back screaming and demanding a replacement of a 70-cent box of garlic after receiving that many plums as a gift? I don't think so.

Thus, this batch of GT pickles don't have any garlic, and they're getting pink. I think it makes a pretty jar of pickles, though.  I lessened both the vinegar and the salt by half. After a week or so, I'll open a jar and see what I think. When I get it just right, I'll post it for the files

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