Monday, July 4, 2011

Back in LaLa Land in July

I arrived back in LaLa Land yesterday. This morning (Sunday) I awoke early and chipper after a good night's sleep. Falling asleep last night was easy as I was worn out from an attack of the spastic colon yesterday. You know those charley horses you get in your calf that have you springing up from your chair or bed and have you dancing and stomping around the room?  That's what my colon did yesterday from about 10:30 a.m to about 2:00 p.m. LaMaze breathing comes in handy for something other than childbirth, and this was just as painful. Really.

Dad got his breakfast at 9:30 and was looking for church on TV. It's too early. When 11:00 rolled around and he could get it, he was fast asleep in his chair. Mom got up at 11:00 and is still eating breakfast as I write.  Her bottom teeth have gotten so ill-fitting that they won't even make it through a bowl of cereal anymore. She put them in right before she started eating, and about half way through the bowl I had to do them again.  If that stuff can hardly be unstuck from the denture, you'd think it could be formulated to stick to the gums!

The day ended with no basic problems. No mowing obsession. Mom only waved at the imaginary person in the window once. Dad went to bed with no problems. Mom did too. Okay first day back.

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