Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad Teeth

Joe had two back teeth on the right side pulled yesterday. The night before as he was eating, he winced and could barely finish eating. The next day wasn't any better, and the dentist worked him into the schedule in the afternoon. The teeth were nearly eaten through with decay, and one had an abscess.

This is a thing to watch for in the elderly. His dental hygiene is terrible. He refuses to respond to requests or reminders to brush his remaining teeth and his appliances. In fact, his whole hygiene is terrible. Right now he just plain stinks. I know he's been in the shower this week due to accidents with his bowels, but he won't wash his hair. It's his hair that stinks. He resents any intrusion by me into how he takes care of himself.

Well, back to the teeth. Joe weathered the procedure well. I kept him pumped full of Ibuprofen the rest of the day and managed to keep him sitting. Had a hell of a time keeping a piece of gauze over the socket in his mouth, though. He says it's hurting today so I'll keep giving him Ibuprofen.

Finding something for him to eat is a bitch, though. He will hardly eat potatoes anymore, no nice soft mashed potatoes for him. He won't touch macaroni and cheese. I tried feeding him oatmeal for breakfast and found the full bowl outside in the garage for the cat to eat. Guess we'll get through on bananas and ice cream.

Now we'll have to get another partial. Those pulled teeth were the ones his partial hooked on. Wish we'd win the lottery.

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Anonymous said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is that hearing, dental and vision care is not included as medical care. Are you kidding me? How can you eat properly for good nutrition if you can't chew? How dangerous is it if you can't hear? I live in fear of my last pair of glasses breaking; they're from three prescriptions ago, are scratched as hell, but I can't afford to even get an exam, much less new glasses. Fun being poor.