Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What went on blather

It's Tuesday, and my last post was on Thursday; so it's what-went-on blather. Last week was my last full week at home in Memphis. It was a wonderful week of no responsibility to look after others. Who doesn't love not being responsible!

Animoto entered my life last week. It's a website that allows one to make a video. I've been taken in by it. Hey, I'm easy sometimes. It did, however, lead to hours of frustration trying to recover digital photographs.  You know, those photographs you thought you had safely saved to a back-up drive or a data stick? Then the dang back-up drive won't work like it should, and those slippery little data sticks have slid through the hole in the time/space continuum.

Now, I'm not a computer guru, and I have no idea why I could recover three photos from the back-up drive, but none of the other 100. The home computer guru was seen slithering away upon becoming aware of some jolagayle-computer problem. Traitor.

Nor do I have time to search the universe for my data sticks. Our apartment is only 900 sq feet, and it has me beat. When you try to cram half of the stuff that filled a Victorian farmhouse into an apartment, you achieve layers upon layers of stuff that block you from the stuff you really want.

The hair cut I was going to get last week evaporated into procrastination. The pork belly I ordered from Charlie's Meat Market was unobtainable - no pork bellies in Memphis that week.

Sunday was get-ready-to-travel day, and I got the majority of my stuff in the car. Monday was travel day. I actually turned the computer off Sunday night so as to not get sucked into it over coffee the next morning. Got up, finished packing, and got going. First stop was the grocery store for my parents' groceries, then gas, then the trip.

Getting groceries for my parents in Memphis always leaves me feeling divided. On the one hand, it's so much easier, with more things available, and cheaper. On the other hand, I believe strongly in supporting local businesses. Buying in Memphis means not buying in the small towns around my parents. My parents' money, however, needs to be spent to their best financial advantage rather than being spent around my sensibilities.

It was a rainy trip the whole way. For the trip, I used my Audible credits for "Dream Park" by Larry Niven and Stephen Barnes. I have to laughingly admit that it's been a much more enjoyable book this time around than years ago when I read it.  I have to credit starting to play World of Warcraft for that. Things in the book make so much more sense now, hehe. And they're fun this time around.

Somehow I missed out on the whole role-playing thing when it evolved when I was young. Being artsy and all that, I have no idea how I missed it. I think I was just too busy painting, weaving, and being broke and struggling then. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

So now I'm back in west Kentucky and here to stay for the duration. I'll be going home about every other weekend instead of every other week.

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