Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday Travel Day

Because of the snow, Tuesday became my travel day. Up, shower, drink coffee, become somewhat human, read the newspaper, pack the car and get on the road. Pleasantly, the roads weren't bad at all; I mean, not any at all. Surprising.

Arrived at my parents and unpacked car. Talked to the sitter for a bit, she left, I called husband to report safe arrival. Five minutes after sitter left, saying goodbye to all, Dad comes in wanting to know if the "gal" had left. Um, yes, she hugged you and said goodbye. Then he needed supper because she hadn't fed him. Actually, she'd fed him, but he hadn't wanted what she'd fed him, didn't touch it, and so wanted something. Bologna sandwich fit the bill.

Took Dad 45 minutes to get to bed. He finally came in and asked Mom if she'd trim the hairs in his ears. It had never been done before - yeah, right. I trimmed them up.  I have a pointer for hairdressers - if you're going to claim to do a service, have enough light in your shop that you can actually see what you're doing to do the service.

Mom went to bed at 11 p.m., after falling asleep in her chair. I went to the kitchen to put the daily salt on the curing bacon. 15 minutes later heard TV. Mom sitting up in chair disgusted with laying there not sleeping. I finished up salting bacon and came back to living room. At 11:45 gave Mom a Xanax and 2 Ibuprofen, cuz her head hurt and she was shaking. At almost midnight I finally called bedtime. Turned her into a shaking leaf.

So now I've caught the "diary" up and it's time for me to also call it a night.

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