Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back in Memphis

Oh, it's so nice to be home. This has been my sit and recoup day. I've done nothing but read news, email, blogs and played solitaire while listening to "Off Armageddon Reef" by David Weber. That man can sure get caught up in descriptions of arms and battles. Except that's it such a nice long audio book, I could do without a couple hours of that stuff.

I stayed home, as the maintenance people were supposed to come change the filter on the heater. If you have pets you're supposed to lock them up in a bedroom if you're not home. Like my killer cats are going to ravage them, purrrrr. Take a litter box, food, and two cats in a bedroom? I don't think so. Like I can't change a filter? Gimme a break. Only they never showed up. Dammit. Wasted a whole day. Amazingly, I actually had plans to go out today, which is against pattern on 1st-day-back day. I was going to go out and pick up the knitting needles and stop by the hair salon to see if I could get a trim.

Just as I pulled into the parking lot yesterday, I realized I left my cooler back in Ky. Grrrrrrr. Had to call the sitter to get her to put everything up. It was especially galling as I was so excited about Max tasting the, err, salt pork I made, and I also had another batch started that would hopefully not turn out to be salt pork. It's supposed to be in the freezer now. Maybe that won't spoil the process. Will just have to see.

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