Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicken Stock Fail

If anyone remembers me posting about making chicken stock with chicken feet, it was a major fail for us. My thoughts are that one needs to grow up eating stock made with chicken feet to feel it's a necessary ingredient in stock. Otherwise, it's a subtle flavor that makes the stock taste "just not right."

I pulled the big pieces of chicken out, and the rest of the stock and all the little chicken feet now reside at the foot of a tree in the back yard.  Thank TBTB that I don't have to cut the toes off chicken feet! If I continually fail the gel standard on chicken stock, it's a fail I'll accept. I've achieved it a couple of times. Without a gas stove or an electric one that works very well, or keeping an incredible eye on the pot, it's a bit difficult.


Anonymous said...

Even before I was vegan, I don't think chicken feet was on my menu, in any form.

What's the gel test? I know that bones make it gel, but is that important?

Jola Gayle said...

apparently not for our tastes! That was just a figure of speech - a gel standard. So many cookbooks, websites and chefs talk about "good" stock is supposed to gel. Many times I know I don't use enough chicken and bones to water, and I hardly ever can monitor the simmer enough to not get it too high. That ruins the gel factor, also.