Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tree the Weather Got

Here's a picture of the tree the weather took out.  At least it didn't fall towards the house! 

Here's a picture of the birdhouse pole the next door neighbors lost. I had a hard time accepting that the wind was soooo strong it bent the pole at ground level.

The past two weeks the weather in the west KY and TN area has been enough to drive a sane person nuts.  The temps have been 60° or 80°. For two weeks!  Either it's been 60° all day with a bit of a drop at night, or it's been 80° with no drop at night.  There were 2 days when the thermometer actually said 70° stuck in 14 days of the other 2 temps. It's been hard on the body.

Of course, though, the harder thing to take was that it went from 80° to 95° on the day I traveled back to Memphis for a few days break.  Going back home presents a problem with acclimatizing.  With my parents, I'm trying to keep the thermostat at 78° to conserve money and because they deal well with warmer temps. At first, I thought it would kill me.  The few days the fuse had popped on the a/c did the trick. It was a case of having no choice. I learned I could actually survive. Who'da thunk it!

The apartment in Memphis is kept at no higher than 72° during the daytime when occupied and turned down to 67° at night for sleeping. So now I'm freezing when I'm there, and having heat stroke at my parents.  Oh, will my complaining never end?

Damn! I just realized it's June already. Time flies.

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