Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After Midnight Photos and Snakes

Back on June 6th, I started a post, which never got published, with this:
Goodness gracious.  Lola came wandering out of her bedroom at 1:15 a.m. with an envelope of pictures in hand.  She's worried that she's the only one that knows who is in those pictures. At that time of night, no one cares who's in those pictures.  And really they were pictures from the last two decades, so odds are that they are pics of Lola, Joe, Elizabeth and Howard on vacation.

Back to the present.  Yesterday, at the end of the pruning jag, I'd come in and collapsed on the sofa.  Joe was still outside carrying pruned trimmings.  Eventually he came in all excited about the 3 snakes that came out of the neighbors' yard.

Those neighbors haven't mowed their yard yet this summer. They've done something to some of the front - found a scythe or something.  I haven't actually seen them doing it, yet some of the front yard is shorter. Anyway, the back yard is about 2 foot tall.

If Joe can be believed, it's become a snake pit. Since he was obsessed about these snakes all night long and wouldn't, fer cryin' out loud, shut up about them, I'm pretty sure he saw at least 1 snake.  According to him, there were 3 and they were at least 6 feet long. First he said he killed them. Then he said they raced away. I don't even want to walk back there now. Shudder.

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