Monday, June 13, 2011

To Town, To Town

My morning started with a bang. The phone rang, which forced me to abandon that last bit of laying in bed trying to talk myself into getting up. It was Julia calling to let me know that Larry passed Joe on the highway walking to town.

Flitter. I dashed around like a maniac throwing on clothes and running a comb through my hair. Sure enough, no more than 1/4 mile down the highway, there's Joe teetering along on the side.  At least he was attempting to be safe because when he realized a car was coming, he stopped and stood still. I stopped, and he got into the car.*

Last week Joe decided he needed a haircut.  He wanted $5.00 so he could walk to town to get a haircut. Don't we all wish five bucks would buy a haircut.  On Friday, I drove him down, but the shop was closed, I think due to a funeral. So I told him he'd have to wait until next week.

He waited with apparent patience through the weekend. What he can't get through his head, however, is that the shop doesn't open until 10:00 a.m., and that it's only open Wed. through Friday.  The whole world just pisses him off because it won't operate the way he wants it.  I'll keep my fingers crossed he can keep it in his head to wait until Wednesday.

I increased Lola's Xanax at bedtime by 1/2 a pill. She's on the low dose anyway.  We decreased her daytime dosage to keep her awake during the day.  Recently however, due to her restlessness at night, I decided to try increasing the nightly dosage a bit.

It's worked amazingly well. When she finally decides to give it up now, it's usually between 11:30 p.m. and midnight. She goes to sleep quickly, and I think sleeps better. She's started getting up by herself around 11:00 a.m or so and staying up. It used to be 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. before she'd arise.

She hasn't had the shakes much at all recently.  In fact, with her recent change of habit in getting up early, it's discombobulated my morning routine, and I've forgotten to give her morning medicines a few days.  There's been absolutely no change at all in her condition with the omission.

I had changed their medicine delivery to worry free through Medco.  It's proven such a hassle, I think I'm going to switch it back.  They don't let me know when a new prescription is needed - I had understood they would automatically request that. Apparently not so, even though that's supposed to be their policy.

Except for their blood pressure medicine, neither Joe or Lola take anything that would affect life or death. The next important one is Lola's Xanax to calm her anxiety. It's the mix-up with these two meds with Medco that has proven to be such a problem.

I took Lola to the doctor's quite a few days ago just to handle the BP prescription, and the office was supposed to fax it in.  Apparently they dropped the ball because she's now out of meds, and none have arrived.  I'll have to go the office in a bit, request they fax it, and go to the drug store for a supply to last until hers arrive. Nothing is ever easy.

*This begs the question as to why he could hear the car from far away, yet couldn't hear me while I was telling him he needed to let someone know when he decides to leave the house. And you all will likely be pleased to know that I wasn't angry with him over the leaving because I had expected it to happen sometime.  I did however, get a tad irritated at his selective hearing.

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