Friday, September 14, 2012

Zito Media

You know, I’ve not been one to post a bunch of complaints about consumer services, but I've had it with Zito Media. Zito has provided the absolute worst service for internet connection that we’ve experienced since 1995. That’s 17 years. What a reputation for a company – the worst service in 17 years.

Max and I have had cable internet connection via Comcast since 1995. We had it in Oak Ridge; we transferred it to Harriman when we bought a house there. We transferred it to Memphis when we moved to Memphis. Occasionally while we were living in Harriman we had a bit of trouble with connection, but we also knew that Harriman had infrastructure issues.  We love our Comcast account.

Since I’ve had internet connection in Arlington for the last 3 years through the only cable provider in the area, Zito Media, our connection has sucked. If the internet connection doesn’t die at least 3-4 times a week here, it’s an absolute miracle. Usually all it has to do is look like it’s going to rain north of here, in Wickliffe, Ky, and the internet connection dies.

It’s so bad here, that when it does die and you call the 800 number, they have pre-recorded messages regarding the outages in this area. How sad is that?

It’s not a cable issue most of the time; it’s an internet connection. Mom’s TV is still, sadly, steadily showing silent movies, while my internet is tits up. Do you know how crazy the piano music of silent movies drives you? I do, because that’s all that’s been on the TV for the last 4 hours. That’s likely why I’m desperate for my internet connection and flaming mad about it dying.

The thing I keep wondering about is why this area has ALWAYS had the weirdest telephone and internet connections of any area I’ve ever lived in. Many years ago when I was originally trying to get internet  for Mom and Dad someone told me that the lack of common providers had to do with tariffs set up for this area. The tariffs are so high no common carrier wants to deal with them.

Whose fault is that? Is it county? What’s up with this part of the state? Once you go west of Kentucky Lake, you can’t get common carriers? Who controls that?

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