Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fish Butcher and Eric Ripert

Yes!!!! I found a clip of Justo Thomas. It's in one of Eric Ripert's "Avec Eric", which makes sense since Justo Thomas is the fish butcher at Eric Ripert's restaurant La Bernadin.

Go to about 14 minutes 4 seconds if you just want to see Justo.

That episode also has a recipe for what looks like a lovely scallop dish. I love good big, fresh scallops. They're hard to find around here.

On January 12, 2016, I edited this post, because I originally said to go to 4 minutes, when actually the clips of Justo are at about 14 minutes. Sorry and apologies to anyone I unintentionally misled.

Chicken breast recipe from  Eric Ripert's "Avec Eric"

Oh, and this is the episode about lardo. Wahhhh. I really want to find and try lardo. Really, really.

LOL  Didn't realize Ripert owns a restaurant in the Cayman Islands - "Blue." Wonder if it's a tax haven...

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