Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Thoughts on Lola and Me

Just wanted to make a post to record some odd thoughts and different things.

Last night, I just let Lola sleep in her chair. She stayed up so late that I thought she'd never give it up. When I finally cried "uncle," - it was after 5 a.m. -  I was fed up with her and didn't want to mess with changing diapers and clothes. So I just covered her with a throw and plopped her chair into full recline, said good night, and left her to it.

Of course, she was up and moving before noon, but I wasn't ready to face the day. I've allowed her to totally screw up my day and night cycle. In the afternoon, when I finally agreed to sit up and acknowledge I would have to live, she had been up and moving. 

She had so thoroughly wet herself that it finally pinged in her brain that she needed to get into dry clothes, and she did. She did it successfully, even underwear, except for putting hose on over the socks she was wearing. On the other hand, her throw was behind the TV, huh? Her housecoat, damp from hem to neck, was beside a chair across from her chair. Her damp pajama top was on the floor under a wardrobe in her bedroom. Her damp pajama bottoms were in the trash can in the bathroom, still entwined with the soaking diapers. 

It begs the question: If she can stay in bed sometimes for nearly 48 hours, why on earth when she doesn't go to sleep until after 5 a.m., can't she stay asleep until 2 p.m.? 

Now, you may be sitting there thinking I'm nuts. Well, I'm sitting here thinking I'm nuts. I've allowed this to happen. I certainly have the ability to send her to bed, even when she's quite wide awake, if it's time to go to bed. 

The only thing I can say is that we both have the proclivity to do this. We both, all our lives, have tended to stay up way late and, accordingly, rise way late when circumstances allow - like no jobs or school force us to. She sits in front of the TV mindlessly watching it, and I sit in front of this computer mindlessly listening to books and playing solitaire or doing jigsaw puzzles, or surfing around. It's my own fault, and no one but me is to answer for this screw up. 

On another note, I'm having a throat issue. It may be hoof and mouth, a fungus, or - as I still smoke - cancer. It started off with a clogged salivary gland. It's a thing that happens with me occasionally. I think the first time was 1989 or so. One day I woke up, and I looked like I had the mumps on one side. In a day or so, it went away. It happened again the same way. The third time, I went to a doc, and he investigated all sorts of things, and decided it was cat-scratch fever. Years later, on a visit to a different doctor, he said it was a simple clogged salivary gland. 

So back in the summer, it happened again, after years of it not happening. It went down, but was back up in a couple of weeks. It stayed tender and a little swollen for longer than normal, then went away. However, I noticed that my saliva was becoming very thick. Then one day looking in the mirror I saw black spots on the back of my tongue. These can be scraped off, but extreme gag reflex kicks in, and that's disgusting. The last week or so, I've been running a temp of almost 100F. 

I kept hoping it would go away on its own and with gargling Listerine. Sigh. I don't think it's gonna. I just hate the thought of having to go to the local doc to get a reference for an ENT, the drive to Paducah, the time spent there, and all of the time involved. I'll be really ticked if I have to pay a sitter to tend Lola while I go to a doctor.

What a PITA. 

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