Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lola Update 9/13/2012

Lola is puttering along just fine. I think I see a bit more of diminishing mind. Lately, she's been unsure how to put her bottom dentures in. After I hand them to her, she frequently asks if she's holding them the right way to put them in. Mostly she is. However, she's more frequently putting her fingers in the denture glue and not realizing how to hold them to avoid messing up the glue or her fingers.

Her ability to communicate with me has been a problem, and I thought it was bad before. It's getting even worse lately. When I wake up in the morning, and she has come into the living room and sat down in her chair, she never ever greets me anymore. She used to do that when I sat up from the sofa and indicated "let's get this day started."

Nowadays when I realize she's awake and in her chair and get up to start the day, she says nothing and ignores me. She looks at the floor, even though I know she realizes I'm moving not more than 4 feet away from her. Sometimes I move along and make up the couch/bed without saying anything to see what she will do, and she ignores me. Other times I cheerily greet her with a "Good Morning," and she replies in kind.

It seems if you look at the big picture, she's in a world of her own. Of course, there's no knowing what world that is. If you force her to come out of that world, she does, and mostly acts appropriately. She especially acts appropriately if the stimulus is someone from outside our immediate household - her and me. If the stimulus is just me, she ignores or responds per whim.

Her ability to deal with incontinence and changing clothes varies day by day. Some days she can cope with changing the clothes, and some days she has to be guided. The incontinence never changes. She never realizes and objects to sitting in urine-soaked clothes. She will set in them for hours and not care. The smell never bothers her, and she never ever, ever asks for help and dry clothes.

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