Monday, August 27, 2012

Potwench - Oven Challenge

Okay, Potwench. This one's for you. Snork. Actually it's for me, as it's about time I got my rump in gear and did something, anything. You in the mood for a little challenge? How about building an earthen oven challenge?

Since it's way cooler where you are, you go first (no! it's not a set-up.) and you and Bruce cobble one of these babies together. Whenever (in the next decade?) it gets into the 70s around here, I'll start work on one and cry, wheedle and beg Max to help me on it.

Then we'll review, critique, compare and see what we think. You think?

Oh, and BTW, I think I'll make my door big enough to take a good sized pizza. Screw sweet pie. I want pizza pie.

Lemme know if you want to go for this one.


Debbi said...

He has fire bricks. You can set those together inside a pit dug into the earth and make a nice oven, making a fire pit below the bricks. You can also do it with rocks. I have cast-iron cookware, including dutch ovens. I also have an iron tripod to set over a fire. I would rather get a solar oven. Thanks, though. Video making the oven... and I will watch. (cheesy grin)

Jola Gayle said...

Oh, well, Ms. Cheesy, it was worth a try. Max would have cursed me, likely, though. And you saved Bruce. Impetus, I need impetus.