Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lola Update 4/10/12

Lola's putzing along in lala land just fine. Let's see, I took her trashcan away recently because she'd taken to dumping in it whatever liquid she had that she hadn't finished. Additionally, she was spitting out meat that didn't strike her fancy, and the cat was dumpster diving in it in the middle of the night.

I'd switched her over to toilet paper instead of Kleenex because she was breaking the bank going through tissue. Sometimes I found a half inch of unused tissue in it. Today I'm swearing I'll take away the toilet paper because she's taken to bombing the cat with it. Once the cat gets over being bombed, he decides to play with it. I'm getting mighty tired of walking through the living room picking up toilet paper shreds, rolls of toilet paper, and her lap towel (which also gets slung at the cat.)

Speaking of the cat, sigh. Does anyone want a cat? Lola hates it. I call it Stupid, but it doesn't offend me as much now as it used to. I still really don't want it, though. However, I absolutely cannot just lock it out of the house. It's been in this house for at least three years, and it would be utterly cruel to stick it outside. It slept on Joe at night, and now it's switched to sleeping on me. Some people don't have a problem with suddenly locking a cat out, but I do. I'll gladly give it away, though.

The skin underneath Lola's breasts is looking better. The diaper rash creme is doing the trick. Lordy, though, it's a mess and a pain to wash off. Also, I've been trying to keep some cloth underneath them to keep them from resting on other skin. That's a losing battle. I absolutely could not find any cloth diapers to use. They would have been ideal - soft, cotton, and not too big. Pampers just won't substitute. What's up with people that don't realize the myriad uses of cloth baby diapers? So I bought a new package of washcloths to use. Shortly after I put the washcloth there, she's forgotten why it's there, gets irritated with it, and I have to pick it up off the floor.

Mom's getting a bit of red around her nose, not just at the end, but on top and leaking off onto her cheeks. I don't know what's up with that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's just spring and allergies.

That's it with the Lola update.


Anita in SE IN said...

You might want to look into Everything Balm instead of the diaper cream. It will take care of the problem, and soak into the skin so mo problem washing off. Get it from Albrey at Goodies Unlimited http://www.goodiesunlimited.com/. I have been using this stuff for years for the same purpose.

Jola Gayle said...

Thanks, Anita, for the tip. I hadn't thought of her Everything Balm. Glad you reminded me.