Sunday, April 8, 2012

Canning Pumpkin Question

At the end of fall in 2011, I canned some pumpkin and have what may be a problem with it. There has been some discoloration which I can't decide is actual spoilage or something home canned pumpkin does. Because I'm unsure, I'm tossing it.

It's seeming to come from one particular pumpkin - I only had two, but I'm not sure. I may have been sloppy with one pumpkin and took too long to get it from the roasting into the jars. That and the fact that I've never done pumpkin before is why I'm so unsure about this.

I'm really hoping someone that reads the blog will know something about this and can give me some information on it. Please, if you've canned pumpkin before or seen this let me know what you understand about it.

Following is a picture of the discoloration. It's a bright orange that seems to develop around where the pumpkin has bubbled during processing.

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Debbi said...

eeeww! I would say something went wrong, I checked my canned pumpkin- no orange spots. I am sorry you had this happen!