Friday, June 22, 2012


Here are a few quick posts, put under different headings to keep them separate. It's nice to know that I'm not whacked in my memory of the way the weather used to be. Here is a fantastic map showing what the state of drought is in my area:

When Max first emailed me the link, we were in a severe drought. That was 4-5 days ago. Now we're in an extreme drought. I saved the image to preserve it, as the link will update and change through time.

It's so dry, I'm watering the garden on nearly a nightly basis. It's so friggin' hot I'm contemplating moving to Canada. As an alternative, the mountains are beginning to be appealing, and that's almost a miracle as I really, truly don't like mountains. However, a nice mountain in east Tennessee is becoming more and more appealing. Way up high and cool. Oh, that's right. I can't go anywhere in the winter. But, but, but, I can go out of the house in the summer. What a dilemma.

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