Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Old Military Friends

Patti and Mike
This past Saturday one of my roommates from basic training and tech training in the USAF in 1977 came by for a visit. Patti came to visit! Sadly, the reason for her visit was a funeral she had to attend in Arkansas. Happily for me, it brought her south, and we got to visit. She came down with her husband, Mike, and her parents.

Since my mother's demise and her living in her chair in the living room, there was no place for the visit in the house. So we all met at the local diner for a meal and a few hours worth of visit. It was wonderful to see her and Mike again.

Surprisingly, a few months ago, another old friend from the military got in touch after 30 years of absence. Unfortunately, his email went into my junk folder for some reason, and I didn't see it for a month. I answered it, but he's never replied. Oh, well,  he always did like to play games. Seems nothing much has changed.

Another acquaintance from Japan is a lampworker, and since her retirement from the military has developed a huge following and quite a name for herself. Another old friend from tech school lives in Minnesota, and I hear from him on Facebook.

There are others that I have never heard from since that time. I frequently think of some of them and wish I new where they are and how they're doing - Victor, Dove, Cali, Debby, Beth. It's funny how at the time you think you'll stay in touch, but you never do.

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