Monday, July 2, 2012

Alex Dragon - Online Acquaintances Gratitude

This post is to express my gratitude to an online acquaintance, Alex Dragon. Alex and I have been members of a fiber-craft chat group since December 1999. That group, loosely know as "Thrillers" because we are thrilled by sheep, and not in the Grecian fashion!, has gone through many changes as the internet changed.

Alex has recently been commenting on my posts about caring for my elderly parents, and his comments have contained invaluable tips and information for their care. I want to thank him for the comments and the help he has given me. Without doubt, his interest from our fiber group, has led him to give me information that has lightened my life.

So for all the fears, valid fears, that we should have for total strangers on the internet, sometimes there are shining examples of the good that can come from strangers on the internet.

It hadn't seemed as if Alex and I had struck up an immediate close communication from the beginning of the group. He was extremely interesting as someone who was from New Zealand, and I enjoyed his posts and followed them. He seemed to be absent from the group for awhile and then popped back up and posting from Australia. I was glad to see him back in our fiber group.

Now he's been helping me with the care for my parents because 1. he's an acquaintance from an online group, and 2. his career is caring for the elderly.

Who could have ever foreseen that someone from an email group about spinning and from New Zealand and Australia could help someone from Kentucky as much as this.

Alex, if I ever manage to get to Australia, there's a dinner on me for you!

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