Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Because I Needed It

Because I needed to remind myself of who I used to be and what I used to do, here is a repost of a video I made about some of the lampwork beads I used to make before I had to move to care for my parents:

I used to get lost in working hot glass. I used to spend hours making one bead. I used to be good at it. I used to have the skills and knowledge to know reactions, chemistry, temperatures, and how to do certain things. I used to make actual, gasp, money  at it.

It's been so many years now, if I ever do get to do it again, I'll have to relearn the basics. I'll have to retrain my hands to do what they used to do automatically. I'll have to spend a year building my business back up.

You have no idea how much I miss what I used to be and do.


Anonymous said...

I love your phrase about missing who you used to be. Such a perfect way of putting it. Someday you'll have your self back -- but of course you'll be changed. I'm still kind of wondering who I am now that the long journey is over.

Anonymous said...

PS: "onwingsofeagles" is the same as Barbara .... I'm going back to using my own lj.