Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lola's Eccentricities

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whoo Boy! Just had to scrape myself off the ceiling again from Lola slamming the den door shut. Well, it wasn't a true slam, as in when you're so angry shutting the door as hard as you can is a great thing; it was more of a shutting it very firmly.

There's just no telling what neural pathway in Lola's brain got switched on and became dominant, but these things that get into the very elderly's heads are amazing. The two quirkiest for Mom right now are the one that has her turning every container upside down when it's empty, or mostly empty, and the one of having to shut every door.

Every door she sees has to be shut. In our house a closed door on the bathroom used to mean it was occupied. Not anymore. Now it means either it's occupied or has been seen by Lola. This house has a little short hallway. It's like walking into a cave now because all 4 closable doors on it are always closed.

Every time she finishes a drink, the cup has to be turned upside down. The problem with this one is that she sits them down on wood, and of course, they drip and leave rings on the end tables. Her little pill container has to be turned upside down.

Oh, and now the silverware has to go in a basket on her side table. She carefully wipes it off and puts it in the basket when she's finished eating. She's also taken to ripping up pictures of people she's decided aren't important anymore, like of my grandfather's brother or of his friends from his youth.

Well, Lola decided she wanted to wander today. She's meandered through the kitchen and around the house. She stopped by a bowl of pecans I'd shelled, and I told her eat all she wanted. She said she had no teeth. So I told her to get them out of the denture cup and put them in. In about 5 minutes she walked into the den with the dentures in her hand holding them out to me saying, "What do I do with these?" Sigh, ugh. I sure wish handling your own dentures wasn't something that got lost in getting old.

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